Are you breaking punch adjusting wedges? If so, your punch slide needs to be sleeved. We offer an assortment of upgrades for both the 3/16” and 5/16” Waterbury Hi-Pro Punch Slide.

Services for the Waterbury Hi-Pro Punch Slide

  • Punch adjusting wedge refit. We can repair the punch adjusting wedge area by boring the punch slide (item 6) and pressing a hardened sleeve (item 3). The inner diameter of the sleeve is then ground back to the standard size to accept a standard punch adjusting wedge.
  • Punch holder stud upgrade. We bore the back of the punch slide to accept threaded plugs (items 4 and 5), and provide new double ended studs (items 1 and 2) that can be easily replaced from the front rather than having to completely disassemble the punch slide for repair.
  • Straightening and refitting. Send us your ram and punch slide, and we can straighten and hand fit the punch slide to the ram.
  • P.K.O. conversion. If your machine was not originally equipped with a positive knockout system, we can upgrade your machine with this feature.

Reg-Ellen maintains a large and ever revolving inventory of replacement parts for the Waterbury 3/16” and 5/16” Hi-Pro cold headers. We also offer repair, partial and complete rebuilds of these and other headers, threaders, and secondary equipment for the fastener industry. Contact us today to order, or to ask for further details.

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