Reg-Ellen Machine Tool Corporation is a full-service machine shop, offering milling, turning, grinding (inside, outside, and surface), EDM (wire and conventional), and assembly services. From short-run and prototype work to large-scale production, we are always available to meet your manufacturing needs.

Commitment to Quality

We have confirmed our commitment to quality by achieving ISO 9001 certification (you can download a digital copy of our certificate here). Through continuous refinement, we continually seek to improve both our customer service and our manufacturing processes. This results in more competitive prices, higher quality, faster turnaround, and higher customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Technology

Reg-Ellen is highly invested in staying on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. We use automated machining, computerized job tracking, machine vision-based inspection platforms, and modern process control systems to streamline our production pipeline and maintain our high standards of quality.

Our fleet of CNC machining centers, turning centers, and wire/conventional EDM machines can handle everything from large size parts to precision fabrication. Our manufacturing capabilities are as follows:

  • CNC machining centers - maximum working envelope of 64” x 40” x 30” (xyz).
  • CNC turning centers - maximum swing of 39”.
  • Wire EDM - maximum height of 12”.
  • Small hole EDM - minimum diameter of .004”.
  • Surface grinding - maximum working envelope of 60” x 18” x 20” (xyz).
  • Honing - maximum diameter of 24”.

Commitment to Craftsmanship

The American manufacturing industry is being revolutionized by technology, and Reg-Ellen is no exception. However, with the emphasis on computers, automation and process control, it is easy to forget that behind it all is a team of skilled individuals.

We like to think that we reflect a heritage of craftsmanship that has not been lost to the past. The tools we use may be state of the art, but our commitment to craftsmanship and individual pride in a “job well done” has never changed.

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