A worn punch rocker can lead to broken punches, scrap blanks, and may eventually cause permanent damage to your machine. Let Reg-Ellen recondition your National punch rocker back into OEM specifications.

How the program works

  • The customer ships the entire rocker head assembly to Reg-Ellen for evaluation.
  • The entire assembly is inspected, to ensure that it is free from cracks or irreparable damage.
  • The rocker head (item 7) is ground to remove wear and to ensure that the face is perpendicular to the shaft.
  • The rocker block (item 5) is ground square to the main bore.
  • A new bushing (item 6) is manufactured and installed into the rocker block (item 5).
  • The rocker head (item 7) is then hand fitted to the rocker block (item 5) and oil flaked.
  • A new thrust washer (item 4) and retaining ring (item 3) are installed, to maintain the proper backlash.
  • If the assembly is from a high-speed machine, new rollers and pins are also installed.
  • For old-style machines, a new oversized bronze shifter block is fitted.
  • The entire assembly is then shipped back, ready for installation.

Reg-Ellen stocks replacement parts for almost all National cold headers. We also manufacture individual sub-assemblies, and perform partial or complete machine rebuilding. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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