Are you working on a short-run project, and need a little help? Let our experienced craftsmen manufacture and assemble it for you! We excel at working with engineering departments, proofing prototypes, identifing trouble areas, and building one-off products.

Reg-Ellen employs dozens of highly skilled machinists and technicians, who take great pride in the work that they do. We are a full-service machine shop with fabrication and assembly facilities, and we can handle everything from large-scale assemblies to precision fabrication.

Although we prefer to do most things in-house, we understand that some projects are outside of our scope. For services outside of our area of expertise (such as engineering, electrical assembly, plating, and specialty heat-treating), we have established relationships with other local firms to ensure that you receive top-quality products without the operational overhead of a full supply chain.

We are always looking for interesting projects that showcase our talents. If you have a special project, a unique product/process, or if you need to make sure that your engineering is viable, let us be your one-stop machine shop.

Previous work

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Special Feed Rail Assembly Prototype Die Set Prototype Bracket Assembly Special Holding Fixture
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