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Almost any well equipped job shop can make machine parts. A skilled machinist with the proper tools can reproduce many items that appear identical and that fit almost like the original, however, the quality and durability of these parts is sometimes questionable. The specifications of material, hardness and fit were developed by the OEM and have been tested by both laboratories and time. Too often "job shops" disregard the OEM recommendations and take "short cuts" under the guise of savings for the customer. In the long run, however, it costs the customer more... much more. The replacement of sub-standard parts is an expensive and time consuming operation.
Our library of blueprints, many obtained from the original manufacturer, contains hundreds of thousands of documents that cover many different types of cold headers, threaders, and secondary equipment. The depth of our engineering data is unsurpassed in the industry.

Our knowledge of machine repair and remanufacturing has has given us an understanding of how a single part fits in relation to the entire machine. Our production philosophy, is based on our practice of building quality into each step of the manufacturing process. This assures that the replacement part that you receive from Reg-Ellen is made from high quality materials and is machined by experienced personnel to precise tolerances.

We manufacture parts for the following OEM's and many others: