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Hartford Slide & Housing Exhange Program 

Keep your hartford thread roller producing!
This program is designed as a quick and easy way to get your hartford thread roller back into !!!

How the program works:
-We ship you a re-conditioned slide and housing with pitman arm attached in a custom built wooden box and skid. 
-This includes clearance setting instructions, a break-in procedure sheet and a new oil filter pad.
-You pull your old slide and housing, clean the machine and oil system, install the new filter pad and bolt in the new slide.
-Set the clearance per included instructions and follow the break-in procedure.
-You then ship your old slide back to us using the same box and skid.
-Simple, easy and you are up and running the same day.

In Stock for immediate shipment: 0-500, 0-400, 10-400, 20-225